VUNK – JUR SĂ SPUN ADEVĂRUL – Silviu Munteanu (Romania, 2018) 100′

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August 22, 2018
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September 9, 2018
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“VUNK – Jur să spun adevărul” or “VUNK –  I swear to tell the truth” is the first documentary of a Romanian artist.  It is the story of the VUNK band, documented with personal archives, first published publicly, since 1988, when Cornel met Nicu at the music classes and began singing in the school. The story is video documented including the first years of searches, rehearsals in the garage or basement of the block. It’s a story about mistakes, the process you’re going through, and the stages you’re going to “burn” up to the moment you get to fulfill your biggest dream and keep it alive forever. It’s a story about friendship, treason, assumption, rebellious, sex , politics, drugs, patience, trust and ambition. It is a film dedicated to those who find their passion in any form of creative, artistic expression and that they need to tell someone not to stop, not to abandon.

Andreea Esca & Andi Moisescu are witnesses of the band’s history and are invited in the documentary.

16+ rated movie.




Director: Silviu Munteanu



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