VACUUM – Gabriel Lim (United Kingdom, 2017) 3’16”

HARD WAY – THE ACTION MUSICAL – Daniel Vogelmann (Germany, 2017) 30′
August 12, 2018
SOG – Jonatan Schwenk (Germany, 2017) 10′
August 12, 2018
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Using his innate skills in perfumery as a form of escapism, Antoine navigates through scrutiny in an oppressive world controlled by a government that aims to narrow down the human senses.






Born in 1995, Gabriel Lim, also known under the pseudonym The Gabriel Gabriel Garble, is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is noted for its distinctive use of colour and analogous narrative. He graduated from Sheridan College in Canada in 2015, before moving to the United Kingdom to further his studies in computer animation. In 2017, Gabriel wrote and directed his debut film, VACUUM. Currently, he is working in Berlin and is expected to return to the United Kingdom in 2018 to complete his final year at Bournemouth University. Gabriel has also released a contemporary folk music album under the moniker Orlando Deer.


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