THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT – Lars von Trier (Denmark, 2018) 152′

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – Gabi Virginia Șarga, Cătălin Rotaru (Romania, 2019) 120’
August 20, 2019
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September 1, 2019
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Cannes Film Festival – Off Competition, Cahiers du Cinéma – Top 10 films Award, Robert Awards – Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Editing & Best Sound

Matt Dilon, Uma Thurman, Bruno Ganz

The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman.

Director: Lars von Trier

Probably the most ambitious and visually distinctive filmmaker to emerge from Denmark since Carl Theodor Dreyer over 60 years earlier, Lars von Trier studied film at the Danish Film School and attracted international attention with his very first feature, The Element of Crime (1984). A highly distinctive blend of film noir and German Expressionism with stylistic nods to Dreyer, Andrei Tarkovsky and Orson Welles, its combination of yellow-tinted monochrome cinematography (pierced by shafts of blue light) and doom-haunted atmosphere made it an unforgettable visual experience. His subsequent features Epidemic (1987) and Europa (1991) have been equally ambitious both thematically and visually, though his international fame is most likely to be based on The Kingdom (1994), a TV soap opera blending hospital drama, ghost story and Twin Peaks (1990)-style surrealism that was so successful in Denmark that it was released internationally as a 280-minute theatrical feature.

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