SKYSCRAPERS – Fabienne Giezendanner (France, Switzerland 2017) 12’50”

MALI – Antonio Nuić (Croatia, 2018) 90′
August 17, 2019
ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY – Quarxx (France, 2018) 102′
August 18, 2019
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Taichung International Animation Festival 2018 – Nomination for finalist competition, Animanima – Cacak Serbie 2018, Palm Springs International Animation Festival 2018, Cairo international Animation Forum 2018, Istanbul Short Film Festival 2018, Festival international de nouveaux Media de Shenzen 2017

Little by little two buildings rise in the sky; two billionaires helped by the most renowned architects in the world, both build his own skyscraper, always more luxurious and higher. But how high will they go? It’s a fable about the madness of men, a humorous critique of the modern world, of competition at any price and of the “always more”. It’s a comic film about excess as a political vision. With current political climat, it’s a timely issue in the whole world.

Director – Fabienne Giezendanner

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