SKINACHE – Jos van Meerveld (Netherlands, 2017) 11’57”

BIRTHDAY NIGHT – Omid Shams (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2017) 20’
August 16, 2019
THE GLORIOUS PEANUT – Fred labeye, Fred De Loof (Belgium, 2018) 18’
August 17, 2019
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Skinache tells the story of the 49 year old Johan Reijmer. An isolated system manager who’s skin, the only thing that still embraces his body is starting to fall off because of a chronic lack of physical contact. 
To find a solution he will have to go way out of his comfort zone: form hugging therapy to visiting prostitutes. All the while with the clock ticking. 
As a system manager, he knows how to connect everybody using his computer network, but making a personal connection is something he just can’t do.

Jos van Meerveld was 17 when he started studying ‘Media and design’ at Landstede. There he had lessons in filming, editing and graphic design. From there he did multiple internships for film and television like for the channel NCRV. 
On the Dutch Film Academy he explored different kind of genres. From small drama to comedy. 
In his last year at the academy Jos graduated with two graduation films. These where ‘Skinache’ about the importance of psychical contact and ‘Our Very Own Defects’, an ensemble film inspired by true events from the Netherlands.

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