SALIX CAPREA – VAleriu Andriuță (Republic of Moldova, 2018) 30′

ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY – Quarxx (France, 2018) 102′
August 18, 2019
THOU SHALT NOT KILL – Gabi Virginia Șarga, Cătălin Rotaru (Romania, 2019) 120’
August 20, 2019
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A village Mayor together with the local policeman, “interrogate” a supposed thief. But a phone call from chief-town radically changes the situation. For the next day, he is told, an unexpected visit from the leading party bosses is scheduled, together with a delegation from America.

Romanian director, actor and script writer.

Valeriu Andriuta was born in 1967 in former Soviet Union. In 1992 he has graduated The Theater and Film Institute in Tbilisi (Georgia) with a BA in stage acting.1994 he is granted a scholarship with the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest, studying stage directing. As actor he worked with Pavel Lungin, Marian Crisan, Sergei Loznitsa, Florin Serban.

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