RULE OF NATURE – Dieter Primig (Namibia, 2017) 25’

THE BLOCK – Nadine Boller (Switzerland, 2015) 9’44’’
July 21, 2017
DAWN – Simon Gesrel, Arnaud Viémont (France,2016) 4’33’’
July 21, 2017
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Director:  Dieter Primig ; Writer: Dieter Primig ; Producer :Gabriele Wadlig / Aironauten Group; Key Cast: Tertu Fernandu, Rainer Friederich, Willem-Jan Trommelen


Adapt or die? Following a young woman female tribe member of the only few remaining indigenous bushmen of Namibia, we get a uniquely personal and dramatic insight on her people’s story and their threatening situation of total extinction.


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