PROCEDERE – Delia Schiltknecht (Switzerland, 2016) 6’

ULTIMUL VIS PENTRU LUNĂ – Octavian Repede (Romania, 2016) 30’9’’
July 21, 2017
HORIZONT – Lusha Ye (Germany, 2016) 2’
July 21, 2017
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Director: Delia Schiltknecht; Writer: Dr. Christian Arnold, Delia Schiltknecht; Producer: Filippo Bonacci (ZHdK), Delia Schiltknecht


The genuine disease diary leads into the soulscape of a person suffering from OCD: „Bad images should disappear suddenly!“ Since negative images mustnʼt been thought. Nevertheless, they are here and constantly circling in the brain. The compulsive actions should dispel them…  A vicious circle.



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