PRIVATE CEMETERY – Talip Karamahmutoğlu (Tukey, 2016) 110’

ALZHAïMOUR – Pierre Van de Kerckhove (Belgium, 2017) 20’
July 22, 2017
INVISIBLE – Dimitri Athanitis (Greece, 2016) 84’
July 22, 2017
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Director: Talip Karamahmutoğlu; Writer: Talip Karamahmutoğlu ; Producer: Talip Karamahmutoğlu; Key Cast: Emre Altuğ


Ejder an unskilled laborer, emigrated to Germany where he was able to find work as a gravedigger. Over time Ejder became a very skilled gravedigger.

Upon his father’s death, Ejder returned to his home in Dalyan Turkey. Within his village there were million dollar living habitats created for both locals and foreigners. This environment opened up some interesting new horizons for Ejder.

Ejder was against the idea of burying people who lived in million dollar houses in the village graveyard.
He firmly believed that ‘Cleanliness was next to godliness’ and began a campaign whereby prominent people in his community with means could be buried under olive trees symbolizing immortality and eternal life.

With custom designed graves Ejder and his company promised to be there for those people on their journey to heaven. With the slogan ‘Horizontal Undertakers will be with you even in in the afterlife’, everything was going well, that is, until Bektaş moves in to the village and he is faced with his traumatic story.



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