NEVERMIND – Christoph Ischinger (Germania, 2017) 30’

TIMBO – Peiman Zekavat (United Knigdom, 2017) 8’53’
August 17, 2018
RECALL – Dániel Reich (Ungaria, 2018) 19’50’’
August 22, 2018
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Charlie is a 35 year-old small-time crook . His adult life has been a failure. He returns to the Ex-Capital, to Bonn. Charlie meets his old friends, his first love. He wants to find back his former glory, the old hope. The joys of being alive. It will cost him the job his father found for him. Charlie loses his ground. Nobody and nothing is waiting here for him. „Nevermind“ is about a man yearning for a calling. Charlie will not just fade away. „Nevermind“ is a film about a man who wants to take a stand. Nevermind the cost.




Christoph Ischinger grew up in the U.S.A. and France, the son of a diplomat. He worked for the German TV Station VIVA 2 in the hey-days of music television before studying Film Directing at the Munich Film School (HFF München). He has one kid, Bruno, and currently lives in Berlin. During his studies, he worked as an Assistant Director for many prestigious directors such as Alexander Kluge, Caroline Link and many others.

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