NEFTA FOOTBAL CLUB – Yves Piat (France, 2018) 17’06”

THE BRAVE HEART OR (THE DAY WE ENABLED THE SLEEPWALKING PROTOCOL) – Luca Schenato, Sinem Vardarli (United Kingdom, 2018) 9’52”
August 17, 2019
GUAXUMA – Nara Normande (Brazil, 2018) 14’16”
August 17, 2019
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Clermont-Ferrand  – Audience Award, Bucharest Short Film Festival – Best Screenplay

In the south of Tunisia, two football fan brothers bump into a donkey lost in the middle of the desert on the border of Algeria. Strangely, the animal wears headphones over its ears.

Director: Yves Piat

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