September 19, 2016
September 19, 2016
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ANDREI ŞENDREA is alumni of the National University of Cinematograhy and Theater “I.L.Caragiale”, Andrei Șendrea is a film critic and scriptwriter based in Bucharest. He has been writing on cinema since 2012, and has covered a lot of ground in terms of publishing outlets (from highly specialized magazines to daily national newspapers, both online and print, in Romanian and in English) and writing formats (from academic research papers to reviews, interviews and festival coverage). He has been invited to sit on film festival juries and has participated in international film journalism workshops (Indiewire’s Locarno Critics Academy 2014, Nisimazine Cannes 2014, Nisimazine Venice 2013). Most recently he has joined the CinEd – European Cinema Education for Youth programme in Romania, talking about films and cinema to middle school children.



BOGDAN FILIP is a Director Of Photography and Photographer, with more than 15 years of experience as a DOP, lighting and shooting commercials, documentaries , television programs and music videos for a variety of international brands and artists.



ALECS NĂSTOIU is a Romanian director, producer, and screenwriter, graduate of The National University of Cinematography and Theater “I.L Caragiale”, known for his multi awarded film „Billion Star Hotel”.



TOM WILSON graduated Oxford University and has lived in Romania since 2002. He’s written for Dazed and Confused, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist and Time Magazine, made radio documentaries and short films for the BBC, and his debut feature film, The Bucureşti Experiment, won a Gopo for Best Documentary. His latest feature project was invited to the Venice Biennale College Cinema.


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