JIMBO – Rodrigo Zanforlin (United States, 2016) 15’

RUAH – Flurin Giger (Switzerland, 2016) 18’
July 22, 2017
FOOD FIRST – Pol Ponsarnau (Germany, 2016) 10’52”
July 22, 2017
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Director: Rodrigo Zanforlin; Writer: Rodrigo Zanforlin; Producer: Rodrigo Zanforlin, Allison Coppola


Jimbo, sixteen, quiet, and shy, has spent his life cowering in the shadow of his controlling, anarchist, father El Tigron, and his devoted yet delusional lover, Lolli. After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his father’s prison. It is time to hear Jimbo’s inner rebel yell.




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