I AM DORIN – Valeriu Andriuță (Republic of Moldova, 2020) 23′

SOUND OF THE NIGHT – Chanrado Sok, Kongkea Vann (Cambodia, 2021) 20’
August 28, 2022
SIDERAL – Carlos Segundo (France, 2021) 15’
August 28, 2022
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Dorin, a young man from the country, agrees for money, to take an exam for a Bachelor’s Degree on behalf of someone else. He’s got just one night to prepare and get in character, while facing social awkwardness and the absurdity of a flawed system.

Moscow International Film Festival 2020

Director – Valeriu Andriuță

Valeriu Andriuta was born in 1967 in Lazovsk, (former Soviet Union). In 1992 he has graduated The Theater and Film Institute in Tbilisi (Georgia) with a BA in stage acting. In 1994 he is granted a scholarship with the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest, studying stage directing. He played in films like “Occident” and “Beyond The Hills” directed by Cristian Mungiu.

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