HELEN’S BIRTHDAY – Tanno Mee (Estonia, 2017) 18’30”

THE ENDLESS DAYS – Philippe Grenier (Canada, 2016) 15′
August 13, 2018
FAMILY FOR SALE – Sebastien Petretti (Belgium, 2017) 14’29”
August 13, 2018
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Middle-aged Helen, who still hasn’t gotten over her divorce, is dragged to the night club on her birthday. Unable to give life a new chance, she ends the night as an intruder in her old home.


Director Biography – Tanno Mee

Tanno Mee graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) BA program of film and video directing in 2008 with a short film House of Memories (35’). In 2010 Tanno premiered a short documentary Being Normal (28’), commissioned by the Estonian Public Broadcasting, and in 2014 another documentary Allan Leida, Leida Allan – codirected with Liis Nimik. With an interest in sensitive, nuanced drama, Tanno is shifting back to fiction with his new short film Helen’s Birthday.

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