HARD WAY – THE ACTION MUSICAL – Daniel Vogelmann (Germany, 2017) 30′

IRON HANDS – Johnson Cheng (United States, 2017) 11′
August 12, 2018
VACUUM – Gabriel Lim (United Kingdom, 2017) 3’16”
August 12, 2018
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HARD WAY combines Action and Musical. A story of hard men with hard feelings. Jake loses his best friend Zach in a S.W.A.T. operation near Detroit. Eight months later Jake and his team are trying to get „The Mother“ – the terrorist responsible for Zach’s death. While singing and dancing they fight their way through their enemies. But then Jake’s blind thirst for revenge leads them into the deadly hands of a sniper.






Director Biography – Daniel Vogelmann

Daniel shot his first short in 2003: “Ball Playing People”. In 2004, he began working as an editor for commercials and studying at film school in the same year. In 2006, he became cofounder of the film production company VON HERZEN (which translates “from the heart”). With VON HERZEN he directed commercials and animations for clients like McDonald’s, Wrigley and Microsoft. He also wrote and directed the horror short “Duplex” which was nominated for the infamous Shocking Short Award. In 2012, his mystery thriller “Wilt” won 19 awards at festivals throughout the world. But making movies is not Daniel’s only interest. He is also part of the band THE EXPLODING VOIDS, that has released four music videos so far. Their debut EP hit the stores in 2015. His bandmate Jakob composed the music for HARD WAY.



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