GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBUDS! – Benedikt Hummel (Germany, 2017) 5’30”

CIGARBOX BLUES – Christopher Kaufmann (Germany, 2017) 20′
August 13, 2018
BAGHEERA – Christopher Watson (India, 2018) 19′
August 15, 2018
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Annie Award 2018 Nominee “BEST STUDENT FILM”




As the world’s dozing off, two boiling hearts engage on a sexual journey along the moonlit shores. A wild choreography of squeezings and pleasings unfolds to eventually have all of the hearts spark embracing and everlasting coziness.


BENEDIKT HUMMEL studied Interactive Media and Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where he specialized in both classical 2D animation and game design. Previously he created various animated films and went on all kinds of ventures creating video games by turning a piano into a game console or going on a road trip as the game design duo Major Bueno, driving through Europe to visit Indie game designers to create small games with them to eventually end in a documentary series.

Recently he joined forces with fellow students ANSELM PYTA, STEFAN MICHEL and SIMON THUMMET to start STUDIO SEUFZ, a studio dedicated to create video games and animated films, with GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBUDS! used as the first step for further exploration of the #everybuds world both stylistically and regarding the topics the film already touches.


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