GENERATION WOLF – Christian de la Cortina (Canada, 2016) 94’40”

INVISIBLE – Dimitri Athanitis (Greece, 2016) 84’
July 22, 2017
MENORCA – John Barnard (Canada, 2016) 81′
July 25, 2017
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Director: Christian de la Cortina; Writer: Frank Baylis, Christian de la Cortina; Producer: Vanessa Caceres, Christian de la Cortina; Key Cast: Christian de la Cortina, Tyler Murree, Sergio Hernandez, Hayley Sales, Luc Morissette, Michael D. Cohen


Vincent del Toro is a young entrepreneur who took a gamble by opening a company that specializes in refurbishing vintage cars and converting them into electric ones in sunny California. A problem with the licensing bureau places Vincent’s new business in jeopardy.

He returns home to Michigan in search of a solution and, with an old friend, begins to grow marijuana at his father Juan Pablo’s (Sergio Hernandez, “Gloria”) farm. What seemed like a good idea at the time turns into a nightmare; as he sinks deeper into a life of crime, Vincent will have to rely on his predatory instincts to survive.

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