FOG PEOPLE – Antoine Janot (France, 2016) 8’12”

THE SAD MONK – Diana Frankovic (Germany, 2016) 11’23”
August 13, 2018
CIGARBOX BLUES – Christopher Kaufmann (Germany, 2017) 20′
August 13, 2018
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In a world pervaded by fog, humans can no longer see. Neither the landscapes around us, nor their bodies. The story tells the quest of a young woman looking for her own face.







Director Biography – Antoine Janot

Graduated in cinema at La Sorbonne, Antoine Janot is interested both in cinema and writing. He co-created the long featured documentary Le sommeil de la foule, in addition to several short films. The screenplay of his next short film The electric bodies has already been awarded at the Festival of the Européean Cinema in Lille (France).



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