FAINT – Natalie Plaskura (Germany, 2014) 5’58”

HORIZONT – Lusha Ye (Germany, 2016) 2’
July 21, 2017
THE BURDEN OF MEMORY – Albert Meisl (Austria, Germany, 2016) 19’
July 21, 2017
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Director: Natalie Plaskura; Producer: Natalie Plaskura;  Key Cast: Marta Henke, Inga Geiser.Kathrin Diehl, Gregor Gillner, Thomas Noack, Moritz Moeller, Iuli Banu,  Aida & Zeus


The time stands still, the moments are everlasting. The nameless characters turn into numb figures, surfacing and disappearing like mental tatters. The protagonist is trapped and strays through a confusing construction of thoughts, finally losing herself.




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