How to get there:

By car
E87 South from Constanta (Romania) or North from Varna (Bulgaria). Particular reference points at the South-Bound entrance to VamaVeche are the Golden Sea Motel (yellow and green color) on the left (East) of E-87, an indicator to Marina Park ( a leading restaurant, bar & camp-ground) and the Punk Rock Hotel on the right (West) side of E-87.

By air
Fly to Henry Coanda International Airport (OTP) in Bucharest, serviced by over a dozen airlines among which, KLM, TAROM, WizzAir, Alitalia or to Kogalniceanu Airport (CND) nearConstanta, and take a train or bus to Mangalia, and then take a Minibus (“MaxiTaxi”) south to VamaVeche. Minibuses are reliable, with assigned seating; assume at least one bus per hour down the Constanta-VamaVeche road (E-87), although changing buses once in Mangalia might be necessary. Assume total trip time from Constanta to VamaVeche of 1.5 hours, including transfers. Cost should not exceed 5EUR.
An alternative is to fly into Varna (Bulgaria) and head North on E-87. If already in Bulgaria, a weekend trip to VamaVeche is a must-do party adventure!

By train
The closest train station is in Mangalia, which is fairly well served by trains that are packed (truly packed!) in the high season. Going to Constanta will not make your train ride up to Bucharest any more comfortable, but slightly quicker.
By bus
There’s a reliable Minibus system serving the Constanta – VamaVecheleg, although some buses only go as far as Mangalia. Jump on any Minibus with young people in it, and funny signs stating town names in the front window.

Get around
Walking is the means of transport. Preferably in shabby flip-flops, or barefoot.