DEAD ANIMALS – David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher (Switzerland, 2018) 10’

GUAXUMA – Nara Normande (Brazil, 2018) 14’16”
August 17, 2019
THE INVISIBLE HAND OF ADAM SMITH – Slobodan Maksimović (Slovenia, 2017) 15’
August 17, 2019
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54. Solothurner Filmtage, Imagine Film Festival 2019, Kurzsuechtig – Jury Award, Public Award

With a heavy heart a man brings his dead cat to the animal carcass disposal. When a mysterious taxidermist gives him her business card he is intrigued to find out if the death of his pet might be just the beginning.

Director – David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher

A writer and a director from the same small town who decided to make movies together in the heart of Switzerland.

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