CIGARBOX BLUES – Christopher Kaufmann (Germany, 2017) 20′

FOG PEOPLE – Antoine Janot (France, 2016) 8’12”
August 13, 2018
GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBUDS! – Benedikt Hummel (Germany, 2017) 5’30”
August 13, 2018
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Derek is having the blues and this does not only refer to his stage performance. When the singer wakes up in a psychiatry after a suicide attempt, he meets Adam, his devoted fan and at once his pain in the ass. A story about two guitars, three chords and the beginning of an friendship.






Christopher Kaufmann was born 1986 in Munich, Germany. After graduating from college he studied Dramatics and Media Science at the University of Bayreuth where he also realized several short movies and has been a member of the ensemble of the local theater. After his graduation as Bachelor of Arts he worked as second assistant to the director and manager of the extras for several feature- and TV productions. At this period of time he again wrote and directed several short movies invited to prestigious festivals . An accomplished study in film directing attained at the Hamburg Media School, class of 2016.

Director Statement – “Cigar Blues” is a story about the particular friendship of two mavericks – a story full of melancholy, dry wit and a good portion of human warmth.
The most challenging and exciting aspect with this project has been to manage the balancing act between humor and tragedy and to create a kind of excessive reality being believable to an audience. It has been of interest to me to reveal the emotional inner conflict and the ambivalence of the main character, Derek, which is hidden behind his dry wit and a small pinch of sarcasm.
Admittedly, Derek’s fame meanwhile has faded away but to me his character is garnering power and fascination by his decision: “Before I am going to die a miserable death in a hospital bed, I’ll kill myself.” There is no cure for him, his lung cancer is final and he’ll choke pitifully. However, his encounter with young Adam in the psychiatric clinic revives his love for music – suddenly there is a new purpose, even if Adam nearly forces him to do so: he can pass on his legacy – even though it is just three chords. Both, Adam and Derek are not at all to be rescued, they just share a fateful encounter, their love for music and some inter human relations. No more, no less. Christopher Kaufmann

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