THE BURDEN OF MEMORY – Albert Meisl (Austria, Germany, 2016) 19’

FAINT – Natalie Plaskura (Germany, 2014) 5’58”
July 21, 2017
ZU GAST BEI FREUNDEN – Luisa Ricar (Switzerland, 2017) 24’21’’
July 21, 2017
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Director: Albert Meisl ; Producer: Lixi Frank


Mr. Fitzthum, a young aspiring musicologist was sent to the not-so-young musicologist Mr. Szabo to do research in his apartment for a valuable music-sheet that Szabo has borrowed years ago for a never-completed dissertation. But Szabo who collapsed mentally under the weight of valuable archival material and defect sanitary forces Fitzthum deeper and deeper into his dysfunctional systems of life.




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