BOOM GOES JULIAN – Stevie Big Gee (Australia, 2018) 3’28”

TANGENTE – Julie Jouve, Rida Belghiat (Réunion, 2017) 26’30’’
August 11, 2018
THE BODY OF OLD – Louise de Prémonville (France, 2017) 19’59”
August 11, 2018
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Julian Assange, heaven sent to expose the horrible truths hiding behind the zeros and ones around the world.





This is the first single and music video from ‘Stevie Big Gee’. He believes that it is time for our governing bodies and influential decision-makers to be transparent, honest, accountable and representative of the people.

Director Statement:
Human kind is forcing a universal shift of change. We own the upheaval murmuring everywhere that can no longer be contained. My mission now is to take controversy, wrap it in humor and present further animated stories backed by great sound tracks.

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