BIRTHDAY NIGHT – Omid Shams (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2017) 20’

ACHERON – – Matthias Kreter (Germany, 2017) 13’47”
August 16, 2019
SKINACHE – Jos van Meerveld (Netherlands, 2017) 11’57”
August 17, 2019
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Clermont Ferrand 2018

Ahmad and Ali are freinds and job partners. On their birthday night they are on their way from a job outside of the city to Ahmad’s house where their wives are waiting for them. But on the road outside of the city, an accident is waiting for them that causes them to know more about each other …

Omid Shams was born in 1990. He began his education at the Youth Filmmaker Society (2012-2013). 
Omid Currently studying cinema at National Cinema School. 
Dogs life (short, Documentary) 2015 
The Passer (short, Fiction) 2016 
Birthday Night (short, Fiction) 2017

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