BETWEEN THE SEA AND THE BARK – Mathieu Cyr (Canada , 2016) 15’42’’

CAT KILLER – Wes Jones (United States, 2016) 11’
July 22, 2017
BACKSTORY – Joschka Laukeninks (Germany, 2016) 8’
July 22, 2017
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Director: Mathieu Cyr; Writer: Mathieu Cyr; Producer: Laurent Allaire; Key Cast: Kevin Parent


Gaspésie, late 80’s. Claire’s parents, Jenny and Walter are in obvious despair. A few months after the break-up, Jenny is trying to pull away from Walter, but he refuses to let her go.

After Claire is dropped off to spend a weekend at his place, Walter gets drunk at the village motel. Since it is getting late and her father is still not home, Claire decides to follow a rabbit trail in search for him







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