TIMBO – Peiman Zekavat (United Knigdom, 2017) 8’53’

ANNOUNCEMENT – Cabbar Alp (Turkey, 2017) 7’34’’
August 16, 2018
NEVERMIND – Christoph Ischinger (Germania, 2017) 30’
August 22, 2018
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Construction of dams by energy companies in the Brazilian Amazon would destroy the heart of the world’s largest rainforest, and severely affect the community of the indigenous people in the area.

If built, the dams would flood an area the size of London, Paris and Amsterdam combined. The flood would also cause a large amount of toxic plants to dissolve in the water, leading to severe poisoning or even death among the local tribes. These plants are commonly known as Timbó.







Peiman Zekavat is a London based filmmaker and cinematographer, with experience across a variety of film and TV genres. Both his fictional films and observational documentaries focus on social and humanitarian issues.

In 2016 he filmed and directed a six-episode documentary series about the environmental destruction of the Amazon rainforest which broadcast on Al Jazeera, Fox Spain, TVB Hong Kong and CBC Canada.

His 2017 short documentary ‘Timbo’ about the effect of dam building by international energy companies on indigenous lands in Brazilian Amazon, premiered at ‘Barcelona Human Right Film Festival’ and later screened at major environmental and human rights film festivals and won him various awards such as best short documentary, best cinematography, and best director.

In 2018, Canon UK commissioned him to shoot and direct a 4 episode documentary series about the world’s first female lead expedition to locate the source of the third largest river in South America, the Essequibo river in Guyanese Amazon.

His recent short fiction project ‘Fifteen’ set in Peru which deals with the aftermath of online bullying among teenagers, had its international premiere at 44th edition of Oscar qualified ‘Odense Film Festival’ and selected for main competition at 62nd edition of ‘BFI London Film Festival’.

He is currently working on his next fictional short film based on child abuse issues in the UK.





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